Education system in Russia

→ One academic year lasts 10 months: September 1 – June 30.

→ 1 semester: September 1 – January 25

→ 2nd semester: February 9 – June 30

→ Holidays: Winter holidays (2 weeks: from January 25 to February 9), summer holidays (2 months: from July 1 to August 30). Winter and summer holidays

→ students can spend in Russia or go home.

Preparatory Faculty

The preparatory faculty prepares the foreign citizens to take entrance exams to the university. The duration of the course is 8-10 months. The studying is carried out in the following subjects as: Russian, physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, etc. After completing the preparatory faculty, future students will know the basis of the vocabulary of the Russian language in their profession. It might be easier for student to continue studying if he learns the preparatory course program well. If you speak Russian at a level sufficient to pass the educational program, you can immediately enroll in the first year of university. Applications for the preparatory course are submitted annually in the period from the 10th of January till the 1st of October.

Teaching in English and French

These educational programs are conducted by native speakers, sometimes classes are held in the presence of an interpreter. Communication in Russian is also a must. It is carried out between students not only in the classroom, but also outside the university: for example, in traveling across Russia to overcome the language barrier. The Russian language is important not only for communication among themselves, but also for practical training at the enterprises. Latin is also included in the educational program, because some teachers use special terms and it is important to understand them.

In the first year of studying, subjects will be taught in foreign languages, but then the number of subjects in Russian will increase. After reaching a certain level of language in the group, teachers can conduct non-core subjects in Russian. That is why in the first years it is necessary to consolidate knowledge of the Russian language as much as possible. The choice of language for exams and tests is left to the student: you can take both in a foreign language and in Russian.

The Master’s degree programs are taught 100% in English. But at the same time, students are required to study Russian, since it is included in the educational program.

Applications for studying in English and French are submitted annually in the period from the 10th of January 10 till the 30th of August.


All international students are allocated places in dormitories: 2-3 bedrooms with all necessary accessories-bed, table, chair, wardrobe, bedside table and bedding.

For personal use, students need the following: a kettle, cutlery, computer, etc. These things are purchased by the student independently.

Each floor of the dormitory is equipped with showers and toilets, hot and cold water. Each room has a central heating; in winter you will definitely not freeze, because the temperature in the building is 20-22 degrees.

Kitchens are also located on each floor of the building. Students prepare their own food from purchased products.

Cleaning of public areas is carried out by employees of the dormitories (bathrooms, showers, corridors, kitchens). There is no cleaning in the rooms, so every student is obliged to keep clean and tidy.

Near the dormitories you can visit cafes/restaurants, gyms/sections, etc.

The cost of living in dormitories in Russia depends on the city and type of hostel. It varies from the 30th to 110th US dollars per month.

Diploma recognition

After graduation, each student receives a state-issued diploma, in which the degree is prescribed (Bachelor / Master/Specialist), as well as completed subjects and grades for them. Russian diplomas in other countries have the same validity on the basis of concluded international agreements/treaties. Each graduate can receive an addition to the diploma – the “European Application”. It operates in 47 countries that have signed the Lisbon Convention. This application makes their diploma valid, helping in getting a job.