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From the choice of an educational program (or several priority educational programs for you). For more information contact our specialists

Yes, and there are quite a few of them. For more detailed information, please contact the experts.

Yes, if you did not pass the exam, you definitely need to take exams depending on the chosen direction. The form of the exam is set by the selected university independently. The list of entrance examinations for all areas of study includes the Russian language, the rest of the exams depend on the chosen profile

There is. In many educational programs of undergraduate and specialist degrees, there is an extramural and evening form of education.

All first-year students will receive places in hostels. These include all bachelor’s and specialist’s students enrolled in state-funded places and commercial places. Other categories of out-of-town freshmen who will not be provided with places in hostels will be offered assistance in finding comfortable housing in the city.

Reception and preparation of documents in our organization is carried out all year round.

Application for admission to study indicating the chosen specialty and form of study. Identification document of the applicant (original and notarized translation into Russian). A document on education indicating the subjects studied and grades obtained (original and notarized translation into Russian). Photos of the established sample (3×4 6 pcs.) How to submit documents? In several ways: through the applicant’s personal account on our website Online, by e-mail, in person or by a trusted person in the offices.

You can apply in person. But remember: if you act on a commercial basis, then you will not be able to conclude an agreement as a minor – the presence of a parent is required. In addition, if you are under 18, you will definitely need to bring a consent form for the processing of your personal data, signed by a parent or guardian (documents will not be accepted without it).

Yes. You can participate in these contests in parallel. Moreover, you can play it safe and conclude an agreement, and then, if you pass the budget by points, write a statement of consent to be enrolled in a budget place, terminate the agreement and get the money back (returned in full within 2-4 weeks). The conclusion of the contract does not exclude you from the competition for a budget place.

If you have provided an incomplete set of documents, if any of the documents is fake, your documents will not be accepted.

You will need a medical certificate, but a little later. It is necessary to provide a photocopy of the medical certificate in the form No. 086 / y and a photocopy of the vaccination certificate to the training office of your educational organization and when checking into the hostel (Federal Law of the Russian Federation of March 30, 1999 No. 52-FZ (as amended on 06/23/2014) “On sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population”). If there is no vaccination certificate, please provide a photocopy of the vaccination medical record (from the children’s clinic). It is not required at the submission stage.