How to become a student?

Choose a program and university of study
Group of Russian State Universities "Rosuniversitet"

 provides a huge selection of universities across the country. Rosuniversitet offers you more than 500 destinations for studying in various fields: medicine, economics, construction, engineering, etc. Your task is just to choose the direction you like and contact our specialists.

Submit documents and receive confirmation of admission
Fill out the application and get the contacts of the representative office of the organization "Rosuniversitet"

To receive confirmation of admission, you need to fill out an application and provide all necessary documents. The list of documents are as follows:

1. Application (issued in your country by a representative of Rosuniversitet).

2. Copy of the passport (the page with a photo and main data). Important: Your passport should be valid for at least 2 years from the moment of arrival in the country.

3. A copy of the diploma of higher education + a copy of the spread with grades or a copy of the certificate of completion of secondary education + a copy of the spread with grades.

4. Signed contract (you will receive it from a Rosuniversitet representative).

You can submit documents at the Rosuniversitet central office in your country. Applications are accepted annually from the 10th of January  to the 1st of October of this year.

We are interested in getting  by you a higher education! We advise you not to delay with the submission of documents, because places are quickly running out. Every year universities allocate a limited number of places for international students. As a confirmation of your enrollment, you will receive a letter of consent. It is issued by our company within 5 days from the date of submission of documents. You will also receive an invoice for the first academic year. Important point: payment should be provided no later than 30 days from the date of invoice. The bill shouldn’t be paid after the visa issuance or arrival in Russia. Without payment, you will not be able to receive a confirmation document about the transfer.

Get a study visa and come to study in Russia
After the issuance of the “letter of consent”, the execution of the “Invitation to study” begins

the process of enrolling in the university. How does this happen? The Migration Department of Russia issues you an invitation to study. This document is issued within 30-45 days and is the most important for obtaining a study visa. The invitation to study is sent by express mail only after the full payment of the bill. The next step: with an invitation letter, you can go to the Consular Department of the Russian Embassy to apply for a study visa. Registration period usually takes 7 days.

We will do everything to make the process of submitting documents as easier as possible for you: we will consult on all issues, organize the collection and sending of documents, and also help with moving. Representatives of our company will meet you at the airport, arrange a transfer to the city or university, help with enrollment in a hostel / hotel, etc. Rosuniversitet will always be in touch with you. Throughout the studying, our company will accompany you. Enrollment in dormitories takes place during the period: preparatory faculty: from the 15th of September  till the 15th of November, for programs with are taught in English and French: from the 25th of August to the 25th of October.

Rosuniversitet is your reliable partner
In addition to this

we will solve all your questions and stay in touch until you receive a diploma of higher education. For more details – come to our office in your city.

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