Why Russia

A unique country

Russia is a huge country with a unique culture and a peculiar climate. On the territory of Russia, you can find endless plains and mountains, lakes and rivers, memorable wildlife. Russia is a center of attraction for tourists due to its great history.

Fundamental education

Russia is the alma mater of a huge number of specialists: mathematicians, physicists, chemists, etc. Every year Russian universities occupy high positions in the world ranking, producing real experts in their field.

Education at any academic level

There is a huge selection of educational programs in Russia (bachelor, specialty, master, etc.). In this country you will definitely take the first step towards achieving your most cherished dreams. Educated people are always needed by our society.

Price and quality

One of the most developed countries has the most affordable education. The price depends on the destination, form of studying, duration, etc. Full-time education in Russia starts from 95 thousand rubles a year. You may check the current prices in your direction with our specialists.

Opportunity to study for free

Russia is called the country of opportunities for a reason! Any foreign citizen can enter a university on a budget on a par with Russian applicants. More than 1000 budget places are allocated annually in various universities.

Online learning

One of the most important events of recent years is the introduction of online education. Moreover, this type of studying is practiced not only in universities, but also in various courses (Openedu, Coursera, etc.). Do not delay the opportunity to become better, enroll in universities and study online.